Magi:Bond from Quif Hair is a revolutionary product that will make hair colouring easier than ever before. Magi:Bond contains a Quit:Amine Complex designed to protect the hair during the colouring process and reconnect bonds deep in the cortex. The result? Gorgeous, healthy, shiny hair in the exact colour your client wants.

With the latest addition to the Magi:Bond family, Magi:Lights bleach. You can now create breath taking blondes without the damage. Using Magi:Bond technology within this powerful lightening powder enabling extraordinary results and maximum protection during the lightening process.

Quif MAGI::BOND is an incredible new discovery that will revolutionise technical services in salon to help strengthen, repair and condition the hair fibre during any chemical process.  Used within chemical products, MAGI:BOND contains our unique formula, Quint:Amine Complex, helping to prevent damage before it can even start. 

Quint:Amine Complex contains 5 key ingredients that make up a unique Amino-Acid-Blend formulation, improving and maintaining the hair’s strength during the chemical process. Elasticity and condition are enhanced, whilst also protecting and shielding the hair from further damage. 



reinforcer anti-damage bonding treatment helps to create new bonds deep within the cortex, whilst protecting the hair during chemical processes. Can be intermixed with all in-salon chemical products, and can be mixed with sealer to make a stand-alone replenishing treatment. It's easy.

sealer fortifying cream sealant. Fortifies cross-link bonds developed by the reinforcer, and delivers hydration and nourishment post chemical service. For use after removal of any in-salon chemical products, and can be mixed with reinforcer to make a stand-alone replenishing treatment.

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